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Thorough Septic System Repairs & Installation

Restore efficiency to your faulty septic system with repairs and installation from Z. L. Patterson & Son, LLC in Salem, New Jersey. As part of our service quote, we provide a licensed engineer that determines the proper specs and plans for your system. The engineer also pulls all the required permits.

Essential Inspections

We perform inspections (using the current state on-site system inspection form) and report our findings to the health department. This service provides you with what you need to obtain a septic certification.

Preventive Maintenance

Avoid nasty backups into your home or building with maintenance from Z. L. Patterson & Son, LLC. We help you determine a maintenance schedule that is best for your individual septic system needs.

System Services:

• Pumping
• Cleaning
• Snaking the Line
• High Pressure Water Testing

• Acid Treatment
• Visual Inspection

Septic Workers - Septic System Installation

Septic Systems We Work with:

• Underground
• Mounded • Concrete • Plastic & Fiberglass Tanks

Repairs, Maintenance, & Installation:

• Septic Tank Location
• Septic System Repair Installation
• Septic System Repair
• Septic Line Cleaning
• Septic tank Installation
• Septic/Disposal Beds
• Leach Field Installation, Repair, & Replacement

• Line Rerouting & Separating (for Wash Water, Etc.)
• Cesspool Pumping (Our State No Longer Allows for
  Cesspool Repair or Replacement)

Contact our contractors for services that extend the life of your residential or commercial septic system.