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Safe & Timesaving Lot Clearing & Site Development

Z. L. Patterson & Son, LLC of Salem, New Jersey, helps you save time and effort on building, remodeling, and repair jobs. We perform comprehensive lot clearing and site development that includes:

Excavation Equipment - Site Development
• Excavation (Basements, Driveways,
  Site Drainage, & Much More)
• Demolition
• Grading
• Sloping

• Pitching
• Tree Root Removal & Much More

Fully Equipped

We have the necessary equipment to handle nearly all lot clearing jobs. With our hydroseeder, we replace any grass that has been disturbed during the work. Our equipment fleet includes: 

• Excavator
• Backhoe
• Tractor
• Bobcat
• Pump Truck

• Dump Trucks & Much More

Contact our crew for lot clearing, site drainage, and other excavation that streamlines the construction process.